Timber Flooring Options for Residential Installation

There are numerous flooring materials to consider for residential installation when building or even renovating your space. Timber is one of the most favourable choices for general flooring within traditional and contemporary homes. The popularity of timber can be attributed to the natural visual appeal, projected durability and comfort. There are different types of timber flooring products to consider during your project. Here are the main options to evaluate and compare before making your final decision.

Top Trends for Redecorating Your Home

When you write a list of the big jobs you want to do in the next twelve months in your home, redecorating is bound to be in there somewhere.  Whether it is your living room, bedrooms or other spaces, the urge to change and update can be strong!  So what are the top trends that may inspire you for the coming year? Outdoors in On the surface, the trend of bringing the outdoors inside may seem a little simple.

All You Need to Know About Restaurant Fitouts

Every company should go to great lengths in order to properly identify and find the right working space for its staff members to grow and develop. While most people only take into consideration opportunities such as the location, you should also remember to take advantage of other solutions that might help you customise the specific needs of your restaurant. When considering investing and planning a commercial fitout for your restaurant you should consider the following four steps.

Frequently Asked Questions About Awnings For First Time Buyers

When you have decided that you want to add awnings to your backyard patio or deck, you are making an investment that can enhance the appearance of your home and provide shading and UV protection for you and your family. To help you make the right decision, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about awnings. Are Awnings Waterproof? -- Most awnings are made from material that is porous, so they are not waterproof.

How to Stage Your Home in the Best Light for Buyers

Property buyers don't rely on logic as much as we might like to think. Despite any potential a property has, sometimes it doesn't strike the right chord with prospective buyers and if often comes down to how it has been presented. Home styling can stage your property in the best possible light and help prospective buyers 'see themselves' in the home, vastly reducing the time it spends on the market.