How to Stage Your Home in the Best Light for Buyers

Property buyers don't rely on logic as much as we might like to think. Despite any potential a property has, sometimes it doesn't strike the right chord with prospective buyers and if often comes down to how it has been presented. Home styling can stage your property in the best possible light and help prospective buyers 'see themselves' in the home, vastly reducing the time it spends on the market.

As any real estate agent will attest, clients that are able to visualise themselves in a home are often the ones that end up buying or at least making an offer, which makes taking time to stage the property in the interest of all property vendors. So what are the ways to stage your home to appeal to a broad range of buyers? Read on for easy-to-implement tips that you can action when you next put your home onto the market.

Easy Ways To Present Your Home Favourably

Understanding who your likely group of buyers and presenting the home based on their needs is an important first step to take to present your property in the best light. It's important to get into the buyer's head and present your home as a product to be marketed towards their needs. To make your home appeal to instead of alienate buyers some easy places to start include:

  • De-clutter. Get rid of personal items including photographs, books, CDs and other clutter. Buyers want to be able to visualise their things in a space, so the tidier the better. A few well placed items in each respective room including throw rugs, cushions and vases and spice racks can sell each room to buyers.
  • Clean. You can never overdo the cleaning side of things. As well as a deep clean indoors, paying attention to floors and walls, consider washing the exterior cladding of the home including windows. Also think about pressure cleaning the driveway or pavers to encourage maximum street appeal.
  • Repair. If there's anything that's half finished around the home or areas that need some TLC, now is the time to get them sorted before buyer start considering the investment they'll need to make. You don't have spend a fortune, but consider areas where you'll get the best return on investment.
  • Neutralise Bold Décor. Choose a colour palette that appeals to as many people as possible and these are usually neutral tones. Think about repainting colourful feature walls and neutralising bold window treatments, while doing what you can to neutralise bold colours. 

Other things to consider

Depending on the time, money and energy you are willing to invest some other strategies to present your home to buyers in the best light include:

  • Landscaping. Gardens can sell homes from the street and beautifully landscaped areas add value to a home. Be careful however not to spend too much on a garden that needs a lot of upkeep and maintenance. It may turn buyers off.
  • Renting or borrowing furniture. Homes that are professionally styled often borrow or rent furniture items have been carefully selected to sell a certain lifestyle. Each room flows into the next room with each piece of furniture and décor chosen for their cohesiveness. This may mean you'll need to pack some or all of your belongings into storage while a professional home stager comes in to do their interior design work. Often less is more when it comes to furniture, allowing buyers can appreciate the size and dimensions of the room.
  • Cosmetic Renovations. The key here is to give surfaces a new face without resorting to major surgery. This could be as simple as new handles on cabinet doors, modern light fittings, crisp new curtains and chrome tap ware to give the impression of new plumbing.

The fact is that staged homes sell faster, and those that are presented in their best possible light will help achieve the best asking price possible. When it comes to your most valuable asset, it certainly pays to taking the time to style your home in the best possible way. For tips on styling your home to sell, contact resources like Incite Interiors.