Timber Flooring Options for Residential Installation

There are numerous flooring materials to consider for residential installation when building or even renovating your space. Timber is one of the most favourable choices for general flooring within traditional and contemporary homes. The popularity of timber can be attributed to the natural visual appeal, projected durability and comfort. There are different types of timber flooring products to consider during your project. Here are the main options to evaluate and compare before making your final decision.


Hardwood flooring materials are made from solid planks of wood. Generally, the planks of wood are milled in factories from single units of timber to create a consistent appearance when installed as flooring. The common trees used in the manufacture of hardwood floors include red mahogany, forest reds, rose gum and Australian beech. You can ask your supplier for samples so that you can compare the wood grain, colours and general appeal before selecting. The solid hardwood flooring is resilient and durable, and you can sand and refinish it if the surface sustains blemishes. The main drawback of this flooring is the high cost of purchase and installation.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is an ideal alternative to hardwood because it is significantly cheaper. Basically, this type of wood flooring material is manufactured by joining boards of wood with adhesive. This process creates strong and stable planks, which are durable when installed as residential flooring. Typically, engineered wood is fabricated from common softwood and hardwood timber. However, the blends used for different products can vary in order to achieve specific strengths, aesthetic appeal and costs. Ideally, you should purchase planks made primarily using layers of softwood and a top layer of attractive hardwood. You will achieve unique hardwood aesthetics without paying the high price of solid hardwood.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate floors are not fabricated using real timber, but they are often categorised as wooden floors. If you are on a stringent budget but would like a visually appealing floor, you should consider choosing this type of material. Basically, laminate planks are manufactured using layers of synthetic materials. These are fused together to create a stable and sturdy product, which is installed as flooring. The appearance of the laminate floors is produced through the use of a photographic layer in the planks. Therefore, you can select flooring materials that mimic any type of wood grain and colour, depending on your desired aesthetics.

You should also explore the market for other timber flooring products such as cork, bamboo and parquetry flooring before official purchase. For more information about options for timber flooring, contact a local flooring installation company in your area.