Top Trends for Redecorating Your Home

When you write a list of the big jobs you want to do in the next twelve months in your home, redecorating is bound to be in there somewhere.  Whether it is your living room, bedrooms or other spaces, the urge to change and update can be strong!  So what are the top trends that may inspire you for the coming year?

Outdoors in

On the surface, the trend of bringing the outdoors inside may seem a little simple.  Just stick a house plant into a room and there you go!  But there is a lot more that can be done to bring a sense of natural into a room besides including plants, such as adding natural accessories like pieces of natural stone or wood.  Even using prints or fabrics with plant or nature themes can make the trend accessible for all homes.

Another element of this trend is the popularity of minerals.  This can be anything from granite worktops in the kitchen to using unpolished stones as door stops or light pulls.  In the bathroom, people are looking at stone basins, wood countertops or simple accessories made from natural materials.

Using bespoke pieces

Another big trend at the moment is using goods from artisans.  These can include handmade items or bespoke pieces made in small numbers or sourced from unusual and small scale works.  This can mean picking stylish blinds from a company who make them by hand or soft furnishings made by a company that upcycles antique furniture.  This element of the unique allows a room to be totally personalised and unlike anyone else's.

Patterns and colours

The use of metallic colours in interior design is big at the moment and continues to be so.  Whether this is using a metallic paint, adding metal fixtures to furniture or simply choosing metallic accessories in a room, there are lots of ways to embrace the trend.  Brass and gold are also on trend while brushed silver is always a good fall back if you don't like the yellow shades.

In patterns, geometric patterns are big, especially in tiles.  Whether these are for the kitchen or the bathroom, these bold styles are proving popular and combining them with natural materials is an extension of the trend.

Sustainable materials

Finally, whatever you choose for your decorating project, sourcing sustainable materials is important.  Recycling or upcycling, reusing things and reinventing the contents of your home are all popular ideals that can also save you money.