Kitchen splashback trends to consider

Searching for the right splashback when refurbishing your kitchen? Kitchen splashbacks are subject to trends similar to any other interior design component in the home. Some homeowners prefer to stay up to date and highlight the 'latest' designs, while others like to settle for more classic designs that remain in the home for countless years. In this article, let's look at some of the kitchen splashbacks that are worth a look for your next remodelling project.

Home Privacy: Tips To Help You Choose An Ideal Window Treatment For Your House

Good privacy for your home helps in enhancing the security and also offers comfort for you and other home dwellers. Also, choosing the right window treatment for privacy helps in achieving your privacy needs without compromising other preferences, such as a good outdoor view. Below are guidelines and tips that can help you choose the right privacy window treatment for our home without compromising other needs. Window Shutters Window shutters come in different designs including roller, slide and bahama styles.

Why Should You Get a Security Screen Door?

If you are looking to get a new screen door for your home's entrance, you should consider a security screen door. These doors often come with updated security and safety features with a variety of benefits. Here are some different reasons to consider having a security screen door installed. You Get Fresh Air Without Security Risks One of the reasons to get a security screen door is because you are able to keep the main door open without putting your home and family at risk.

Timber Flooring Options for Residential Installation

There are numerous flooring materials to consider for residential installation when building or even renovating your space. Timber is one of the most favourable choices for general flooring within traditional and contemporary homes. The popularity of timber can be attributed to the natural visual appeal, projected durability and comfort. There are different types of timber flooring products to consider during your project. Here are the main options to evaluate and compare before making your final decision.

Top Trends for Redecorating Your Home

When you write a list of the big jobs you want to do in the next twelve months in your home, redecorating is bound to be in there somewhere.  Whether it is your living room, bedrooms or other spaces, the urge to change and update can be strong!  So what are the top trends that may inspire you for the coming year? Outdoors in On the surface, the trend of bringing the outdoors inside may seem a little simple.