Why Should You Get a Security Screen Door?

If you are looking to get a new screen door for your home's entrance, you should consider a security screen door. These doors often come with updated security and safety features with a variety of benefits. Here are some different reasons to consider having a security screen door installed.

You Get Fresh Air Without Security Risks

One of the reasons to get a security screen door is because you are able to keep the main door open without putting your home and family at risk. It can help to keep the door open when you want some fresh air in your home or when you need to air it out for other purposes. Unfortunately, this often means a flimsy screen door is the only thing keeping you from people outside. With a security screen door, it is made of sturdy materials and a lock that isn't easy for someone to break. You will have better peace of mind while also enjoying fresh air.

There Are a Lot of Updated Features

The newer security screen doors come with a lot of excellent security features. For example, they often have corners and edges made of strong steel, which makes it nearly impossible for someone to break down the door. This also reduces cracks, rust, and other signs of age over time. You might also have features like a closer that helps to keep the door shut, chains that prevent it from opening too far, and high-security locks that are just as secure as your main door lock.

You Can Help Keep Pests Out 

Believe it or not, security screen doors can also help keep pests out of your home. Regular screen doors don't offer much protection from rodents and pests when your main front door is open, as the screens are often made from low-quality materials and there are gaps that let in spiders and roaches. With a security screen door, they often have a bug-tight seal with foam tape that goes around the screen door. This makes the screen hard to penetrate and reduces cracks and gaps that often give bugs a way in.

When looking for a security screen door, look for one with a stainless steel screen that is hard for anyone or any pest to penetrate. You want to make sure the frame and lock are durable and made of strong materials as well. Consult a professional to install the security screen door.