4 Reasons to Pick a Glass Shower Screen for Your Wet Room Instead of a Shower Curtain

Wet rooms will have their floors gently angled towards a plug-hole in the shower section, but you'll still need either a large shower curtain or glass shower screen to stop the water spraying out across the rest of the room. Many people are tempted to go for curtains since they are less expensive, but here are just four reasons why you'll be far happier if you choose a glass screen.

1. Effectiveness

There's one factor that you should consider above all others when you're selecting between either shower screen or shower curtain: just how well is it going to prevent water from invading the rest of the room? When dealing with wet rooms, you'll find that screens are far superior. When a shower curtain is used for a shower-bath combo, the edge of the bath prevents it blowing upwards. With a wet room, this doesn't happen. The curtain can blow up due to the hot air it meets, letting water spray out. Additionally, it won't form a complete seal at the bottom.

2. Ease of Use

Okay, it isn't exactly hard to use a shower curtain, but you'll find that fitting a floor-to-ceiling curtain in your wet room is going to come with some problems when you actually take a shower. With nothing there to buffer it, a shower curtain will tend to billow around a lot, sticking to your body and generally getting in the way. With a glass shower screen, that isn't something that you will need to worry about.

3. Style

You can pick up shower curtains with interesting designs, but there's no denying that glass screens look a lot more attractive, and this isn't just down to their own appearance. A glass shower screen doesn't break up your bathroom the same way a curtain does, instead letting light shine through to create on uninterrupted space. Even when your curtain is bunched up in the corner, it can still look quite unattractive. This is particularly true in a wet room since they are generally quite small.

4. Cleanliness

Another important consideration is cleanliness; after all, it only makes sense to ensure that everything in your bathroom is kept hygienic. The problem with shower curtains is that they can grow mould over time. This is why you'll often see black spots on older curtains. This is particularly hard to prevent in a wet room since the bottom of the curtain will lie right against the wet floor. Even if this doesn't happen, the spray from water that contains shampoo and body gel can build up, causing your curtain to develop a somewhat unpleasant smell. With a shower screen, you'll simply need to wipe it up and down every now and then to keep things clean, and mould will not be able to gain a foothold on the surface.