4 Essential Considerations for Dressing Up Windows With Blinds

Blinds are a simple, but elegant proposition for dressing up windows to give them an ultra modern and chic appearance. Some blinds can block out light completely, while others provide aesthetical value. The choice of blinds on windows will depend entirely on your personality, style and functional requirements for every room in the home. Here are some essential considerations when it comes to dressing up your windows with blinds.

Level of Natural Sunlight Control

Some blinds can control sunlight more easily than others based on their materials. For example, wooden and aluminium venetian blinds darken the room almost entirely with their horizontal slats that shut completely. Lighter fabric roman or honeycomb blinds will characteristically only soften the amount of natural sunlight that enters the room, but will not entirely eliminate it. Depending on your specific functional requirement, you can choose between blinds that allow you to control the amount of sunlight you desire.

Space Taken Up While Stacking

The stack height of blinds will play an important role in your choice, because of the amount of space they take up against your windows when completely stacked up. This would depend on the functionality of your window. For example, if you have a window with an appealing view, then you'll want to choose pleated blinds over roman blinds, because pleated blinds have a smaller stack height and won't take up unnecessary window space.

Size Based on the Location of Blinds

When determining the size of the blinds for your windows, you will need to decide how you want to place them. For example, blinds can be placed on the inside of windowsills for a neater finish. In this case, the blinds would need to be smaller than the window frame to fit in perfectly. Blinds mounted above a window frame must be bigger than the size of the window and help in blocking light most effectively, but they are not as appealing visually.

Maintaining Uniform Blinds on Windows

While other factors like size may differ for each window, it's always ideal to maintain the same look of the blinds on all windows for a sense of homogeny, especially if you're dressing up different windows in the same room. You may also want to ensure uniform colours or similar shades within the same colour family to maintain harmonised gracefulness in the room.

Dressing up your windows with blinds requires some thoughtful consideration to get it right. Follow these ideas to make good choices for your window treatments. For a second opinion or assistance, contact companies like Toowoon Bay Carpets & Shutters.